Sunday, March 2, 2008

Noro gets ugly

Boy, Noro sure can get ugly sometimes... I'm working with some noro silk garden, I have two skeins of it and I keep changing my mind about what to make with it because I keep coming across ugly sections of color. I've ripped off a good10-15 yards so far because the color was just... hideous. It was absolutely hideous. A dirty grey with pink ribboned in... ugh! I'm thinking of throwing this thrice ripped-back ball away and giving the second one to someone else, untouched.

In other news, I finished Joey's Flames!! =D Joe tried it on and it fits perfectly, exactly to my specs. I've been saying that I'm not sure who's happier about it, him or me, but I've settled on me. I put in the time, and the extra time to go back and make it better, decided on all the modifications, I feel like a knitting momma with a brand new baby sweater to love on. ;)

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