Monday, February 25, 2008

Noro gets ugly

You know, sometimes Noro just gets ugly. I like the changing colors, sure, but some of the color changes are just... hideous. *shudder* I started on a project yesterday (as if I need another WIP), a sideways seed stitch scarf, which I thought would show off my Noro Silk Garden's colors quite nicely.

Pulled out three armlengths of cast-on yarn, started casting on, and what do you know, I have the very pretty lavender cast-on yarn mixed with a sort of muddy brown. Looked at the ball, saw that the brown gives way to a gorgeous bright teal color, figured I'd stick it out. Two rows and 288 stitches later after the brown had morphed into a dirty pink (I despise pink) I decided enough is enough! This is a yarn abortion, I'm getting rid of that crappy junk that should never have existed.

I yanked the aborted project off the needles, yanked all the dirty pink to mauve to blackish out of the ball and *snip!* made myself happy, no more nasty unwanted yarn.

Noro sure does get ugly sometimes.

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