Monday, February 11, 2008

On the way to Felting

I bought some really nice real fleecy sheepskin slippers last year. They have delighted by feet for an entire year. But my wonderfully warm and fluffy fleecy sheepskin slippers aren't enough all of a sudden... I want some felted clogs!

And so on 2/11/08 I cast on! I really only intended to do a couple rows, seeing as how it was bedtime... but somehow 90 minutes later I was ready to start row 34 and it was WAAAAAY past my bedtime. It took an act of will to put down the clog, clean up my bit of mess, and go to sleep. Now that clog is sitting in the corner in its little plastic bag with the partial and fully skeins of its ilk, whispering to me. ~~~Saaaaaraaaaaaaah... bring me out to play! You know you love seeing me grow up so fast... Psssssst, Saaaraaaaaaaah!~~~

Look, you can hear it too! I'm going to go do some comfort knitting to fend off the bad news blues. Maybe by bedtime tonight I'll have both clogs ready for felting.

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