Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feeling like some felting

I am getting closer by the day to finishing this sweater for my brother. I'm past the flame pattern on the second sleeve and am onto the plain stockinette section with the rest of the increases. I am determined to finish this thing before spring hits us.

Of course, now that I'm closing in on "done", I have the itch to start something new, and am actually planning to buy yarn for this something new. Actually two somethings new, felted clogs for myself and my boyfriend. I've pulled out my pattern, decided on colors, written a shopping list for yarn, and now just reminded myself by typing here that I need to buy the needles too, I don't have any size 13's. His will be charcoal (or something close to it) on the foot and black on the sole and cuff. Mine will be "green bean" green on the foot and medium brown on the sole and cuff.

Time for bed!!

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