Sunday, September 5, 2010

Smell of Fall

*breathes deep* Ahh. That delightfully chill fall smell. Makes me want to knit!

And with a plethora of books on CD (now on my zune) and a holiday weekend (sans BF, *sigh*) I guess I have plenty of time.

Throw on some french press coffee and bring on the yarn!

In recent news, I bought some yarn a Fiber Space a few months back, and a book from their neighboring store (can't remember its name) and started knitting some leggings. I actually did a gauge swatch and decided to use the size needles the pattern called for. And found that I was getting "ladders" for the first time in my knitting life. UGH! Ripped back, and went down a few needle sizes into actual sock yarn needles. Still, the ladders, noticeable and ugly. So I ripped back again yesterday and started up again with more stitches in the count and size 000 DPN's. No ladders, yay!

And to use Genie's (from Aladdin) tone, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitty bitty stiches.

I think I'll pick up on some big knitting now. So where did I stash mom's sweater... *goes a-hunting*