Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christmas Gift Pullovers, part one - Cici's

Well, I'm about 85% done this pastel rainbow pullover I'm making as a Christmas gift for Cici, my boyfriend's not-quite 4 month old niece , who will be about 7 months old by the time it's gifted. She was pretty big when she was born (11lbs 2.2oz!! no joke!) and has been wearing big baby clothes ever since. Started out in 3-6 months up until she was almost 2 months, graduated to 6-9 months, and I believe by the time she's 6 months old she'll be wearing the 12 month sizes. Big baby!

My very first project for Cici as a "welcome baby" present was a bolero made with Sirdar Snuggly DK, a super soft and easy to wash acrylic. I made that in size 3-6 months, and after hearing what size clothes she was into (already almost into 6-9 mo by the time I finished, yikes!) I was terrified that she had outgrown it before it was off my needles. Fortunately, mommy Andrea reassured me that it does in fact fit, and fits beautifully as of right now; she tried it on Cici a few weeks ago during the first coldish snap and said that the sleeve come down a bit over her knuckles, so it should fit for a while. *whew!*

So when I started this sweater, I chose to make it in the 9-12 month size so it will fit until the end of winter. This project is almost a no-brainer as projects go. Not quite as simple as a garter stitch scarf, but nothing like an aran sweater. It's made up in four pieces; front, back, two identical sleeves. I'd prefer to work it as much in the round as possible but I didn't feel like doing the math to convert the pattern. Oh well, it's a lazy project.

Entirely stockinette with garter stitch hem, cuffs, and turn-down v-neck collar. The pattern picture and colors make it out for a boy, but I chose a pastel rainbow from medium purple through apricot and back. Medium purple, light purple, baby blue, mint green, lemon yellow, and apricot are the colors I chose. I think if I used all one color I would only use 2 or 2.5 skeins of this yarn, instead of I have 6 partials. Maybe I'll use the scraps and make a matching log cabin blanket... hmmm.


Yes, so I'm finished the back, front, one sleeve, and am almost done the second sleeve. I've been working on it on weekends, and really only for a few hours on one day of the weekend. It's been 4 weekends now, and I'll finish it by the end of the next, so a 5 weekend project, not bad. Not bad at all. I purchased the yarn early because I tend to want to hop from project to project as I get bored with them, but working on it only on the weekends I think I've avoided the need to "graze" on something else.

After this one, I'm doing another for Cici's older cousin, Riley, who ironically at 2 years old, will only be wearing one size larger by the pattern's measurements. Fun for me, it will work up almost as quickly. =)

Saturday, September 29, 2007


This blog came about because of my "beta testing" of the ravelry website, a mecca for all internet savvy knitters and crocheters. (

I LOVE this website. Did I mention that I LOVE this website? And by the way, I LOVE this website.

The very first weekend after being invited to join the thousands of beta testers, I spent the whole time photographing my projects and stash. Then of course I had to take the time to reorganize it in my rubbermaid totes--did anyone else discover yarn/thread long forgotten in this process?--and then more time editing and posting the photos to my ravelry "notebook". Then I pulled out all of my knitting and crocheting books...sadly, not many, mostly I have magazines and pamphlets (which you can't post [yet!] on ravelry). And after that, I... grazed. Yes, I grazed on the website, I absorbed all the wonders it had to show me.

I'm still absorbing the wonders, as new people appear, new friends made, new groups joined, there is always something new and interesting to see there. I am hooked. ...Sorry for the bad pun.

playing with string

oh how fun, to loosely quote the yarn harlot, I could play with string for hours and never tire of it.

typing about it though, that could prove more challenging. Fresh blog versus gorgeous weather... I will take advantage of the weather and type/knit later.