Saturday, September 29, 2007


This blog came about because of my "beta testing" of the ravelry website, a mecca for all internet savvy knitters and crocheters. (

I LOVE this website. Did I mention that I LOVE this website? And by the way, I LOVE this website.

The very first weekend after being invited to join the thousands of beta testers, I spent the whole time photographing my projects and stash. Then of course I had to take the time to reorganize it in my rubbermaid totes--did anyone else discover yarn/thread long forgotten in this process?--and then more time editing and posting the photos to my ravelry "notebook". Then I pulled out all of my knitting and crocheting books...sadly, not many, mostly I have magazines and pamphlets (which you can't post [yet!] on ravelry). And after that, I... grazed. Yes, I grazed on the website, I absorbed all the wonders it had to show me.

I'm still absorbing the wonders, as new people appear, new friends made, new groups joined, there is always something new and interesting to see there. I am hooked. ...Sorry for the bad pun.

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