Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back on the Flames

Boy I tell you, I think that subconsciously I do not want to work on my brother's sweater. I've been trying since Monday to work on it on my lunch break at my office, but was at the point where I needed to consult the instructions...

Monday, forgot my spiral notebook. D'oh!

Tuesday, remembered the spiral notebook, realized I only had two more rows I could do without also consulting the Stitch and Bitch Nation book. D'oh! So I did two lines.

Wednesday, remembered the spiral notebook, but forgot the Stitch book. D'oh! I did two more rows.

Today, remembered the Stitch book! ...but forgot my tape measure. *sigh* Fortunately, for some strange reason my office has yard sticks. Measured, ripped back the two rows I did yesterday just to be knitting, and started on the decreasing part of the raglan sleeve. Yay! Now as long as I remember how to count I won't need my notebook or the Stitch book until I'm done the sleeve. I'll tuck an extra measuring tape into my knitting bag.

I wonder what happened to my formerly-spare measuring tape that was in my knitting bag... hmm.

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