Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An en-GAUGE-ing Sweater, and socks!

Alright, I finally finished the gauge swatch for my mom's new-used sweater, it's been blocked and everything. I felt all virtuous and crap until I realized that I needed to do another gauge swatch with smaller needles to make the fabric pretty. *sigh* It's not like there's not plenty of yarn to make the thing, but I sort of wanted to start on it NOW instead of messing with gauge again. That and I had (ha, "had") to buy a needle in the size I think is correct for said sweater.

I also bought more circs in sock sizes so I can have more than one magic loop pair going at the same time... So much for my vow to finish most of the standing projects until starting something new. Now I have FOUR pair of socks in progress; my warring colors socks in lion brand wool (for which I can't locate my DPN's now that I need them), the just begun thick slipper socks on DPN's, my 2 pair at a time magic loop ONline beach socks in blues sand and greys, and my to be begun pair of 2 pair at a time magic loop trekking XXL in delicious browns. I also bought another ball of trekking this afternoon along with the needles, in a creamy tweed, which I *think* will be suitable to the "business casual" dress code at my office.

I'm in a sock mood. Must be a spring thing. Socks are such a great portable project, and pretty mindless if you're doing plain stockinette.

But the sock mood will not help my mom's new-used sweater grow, so I'm off to do that gauge swatch. Again. Ciao.

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