Saturday, March 22, 2008

Too Froggy?

I think my mom's new-used sweater started a mental trend with me, and maybe I'm being a little too froggy lately. I'm trying to stick to a yarn fast, I have so many things in mind to make and for the most part, I have the yarn to make it. So... perhaps I'm compensating for the lack of new yarn by frogging projects I'm less than pleased with? I'm actually considering frogging a 90% completed (yes, I said 90%) shrug because I don't like the way it folds in the back. And it's $9 a ball merino in gorgeous multiple browns and coppers. *sigh*

So what should I do with all my new used yarn?

I still have lap-blanket plans for the lime green caron bliss, but I keep changing my mind about the pattern to use. I came across this one, Elegant Lap Rug, that I like the look of. The pattern notes mention that it's simple, and from the stitch pattern it looks like it won't shrink widthwise as much as the dimple stitch I was thinking about using. I'll have to swatch though (ugh) to make sure my all acrylic fuzzy yarn looks okay with this sort of "traditional" or "simple" look.

As for the mohair scarf... I have no idea. I'm not crazy about the colors, maybe I'll just put it away and let my mind marinate on it.

The beach colored online supersocke is, of course, going into a fresh pair of socks. I'm about an inch past the toe section, so from toe tip to needles it's something over 2 inches. I might rip back, just a teensy little bit... I keep changing my mind, again, about what do do across the top of the sock for visual (and knitterly) interest. I'm only a couple rounds into the current pattern so no big deal there. Maybe a purl brocade? I'll check my stitch dictionary again. I'm still determined to have this pair finished so I can wear them to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival the first weekend in May.

And finally, the shrug. 100% Australian merino, Filtes King Extra Stampato in color 8016 "earth tones", each strand a different color in a long color change, revolving around browns and coppers. So soft, so pretty. But not as the shrug. I'm not sure what to make out of it, but I don't think I can leave it as a shrug. I might try the Provincial Waistcoat, I'm not so busty so I think it would look like this on me, this project in particular is one of my faves. I have a bunch of 3/4 and full length sleeve collared shirts I wear to work, the colors would like nice on a few of them, and they're the same sort of shape that the waistcoat calls for.

So which one should I work on today? ;-)

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