Monday, March 17, 2008

Brief yarn thoughts, and more frogging

So, is it wrong to look at yarn just for the color? I love the colors of this Rowan Cocoon yarn, all natural tones, not completely uniform, gorgeous.

In other news, most of my progress with projects lately seems to be negative progress, in that I'm frogging projects instead of continuing to knit on them. The mohair scarf, braided-cable lap blanket, and XoXo socks are all frogged or waiting to be frogged so I can re-work them differently. The mohair scarf I've never been crazy about, the feather-fan pattern has been bothering me. The lap blanket... eh, it's easy, and boring, I want to do the dimple stitch to liven up the finished look and working up (k1 sl1 across, sl1 p1 across, k across, p across, sl1 k1 across, p1 sl1 across, k across, p across) so it will still move quickly but have infinitely more visual appeal all over.

As for the XoXo socks... well, they haven't been XoXo for about a month now, I was just working them up plain when it occurred to me that the toe increases were ugly, and since I'm working them toe-up I have to stare at the toe for the longest time, and got increasingly dissatisfied with it. I ripped them back tonight and am re-working them, still toe-up, but from toe joint to toe end, back around the bottom, and only then joining in the round. The tutorial by CosmicPluto was an imense help in doing my short-rows without any annoying holey areas. I feel silly now that I didn't think of an extra wrap and turn myself, but that's what other knitters are for, to learn from their experiences. I am loving the look.

The recent frogging of the XoXo socks was the direct result of my musing about the upcoming Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I thought, wouldn't it be nice to wear my first pair of FINISHED socks there? I could finish the XoXo socks (henceforth entitled "Sea & Sand Socks") by then no problem. But I don't know about those toes... let's frog them! Woohoo!

And so I did. And so far they're just lovely. Except for the one little spot where I forgot to pick up on of the wraps, but I'm ignoring that for now and will fit it from the inside later on.

I am sock happy. What is up with this spring knitting fever on my part, I just can't get enough of little projects and will work on multiples in a single day. I have knitting A.D.D.!

I'm also working on a case of sleep deprivation if I don't get to bed within 10 minutes so ciao gang, and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! ;)

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