Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Presents!

I got some AWESOME birthday presents! I couldn't think of anything I would want outside of the giftcard arena except for a confetti / cross-cut paper shredder. My parents got me that (yay mom and dad), and my sister and nephews got me a gift certificate for the website! YAY!

I spent time sporadically on today to figure out what I want to buy, and found out that they sell the book "No Sheep For You!" by Amy R. Singer that I have checked out of the library. There are several patterns in it that I really like, including the Morrigan Sweater, so I'm buying that with my gift certificate. I'm also getting the "options" set (yes, I know, I said I didn't really like them that much, but they're so convenient!) and a classic 16" circular in size 0 for casting on my socks.

Not to be counted least, my Aunt Karen sent me a gift certificate to Pampered Chef! I was so tickled when I opened the envelope and realized what it was. There were so many people in on it too, it was comical. My friend Kim threw a party that I attended, and invited my cousin Lisa to attend. Unfortunatley, Lisa couldn't make it, but she'll be invited to the party that I'll be throwing in a few months.

I guess Lisa's mother--my Aunt Karen, my mom's older sister--got some birthday ideas from my mom, and then got my friend Kim's information from my cousin Lisa. Aunt Karen asked about what I didn't buy at the party that I might like to receive as a gift. Well Kim didn't know, she was busy being hostess and helpful hand at her cooking show, so Kim referred Aunt Karen to our Pampered Chef consultant, Andrea Mullin (hooray for Andrea!). Andrea didn't know either, because she was giving us all information and helping with orders, so she suggested that a gift certificate would be an excellent idea. And the Friday before my birthday, it arrived in the mail.

That conspiracy included, but may not have been limited to: my friend Kim, my mom, my Aunt Karen, my cousin Lisa, and my pampered chef consultant Andrea Mullin. *lol*

I also received some chocolate, a knitting bumper sticker, some "knitting girl" mints, an adorable sock-blocker keychain, and a check from my grandparents that went straight into my retirement savings account. I swear my grandparents are funding my retirement right now, their birthday checks and savings bonds are pretty much the only savings that I never touch, it's my "core savings".

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