Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where have you run into a knitter lately?

My nephew Dillon's 5th grade graduation ceremony was last night. It was cute, all the kids in nice clothes sitting up on stage while their teachers read off a list of kids with awards.... I think he felt left out since his name wasn't called for any of those. =( One of the girls read 179 books over the school year and was involved in EVERYTHING, I spy an overachiever...

Jess made a funny comment before it began, and I laughed but agreed. In a crowd of 300-500 semi-bored people you'd think you'd see more than two (us) people knitting.

I was thinking about that comment this afternoon while I was sitting in my doctor's office getting ready for my appointment. I'd just finished filling out this year's update to my personal information, sat down and pulled the zipper on my knitting bag when they called my name. Drat! Well at least it'll be quick, and I WAS the only person in the waiting area after all.

I told them what to put on my chart before they weighed me, and sure enough, 150 with clothes and shoes on. The girl taking my vitals and inital info laughed at that, saying that just confirms that everyone else that day that insisted their scale is 10lbs too high is a big fibber. I let on that I weigh myself once a week at the gym with a similar balance scale, that number is no shock to me.

When the CRNP (clinical registered nurse practicioner?) came in I had only knit across one needle on my sock, and commented that they're all just too quick tonight, I haven't had enough knitting time. She asked what I was making, and of course it was a sock, so I started describing it like I normally do... "It's going to be a sock, see this will be the cuff" and stretched it out in the appropriate area near my foot. She said something like yes I can see that, what kind of yarn? I knit too.

She knits too!

So in a room of 300-500 people there were two knitters. And in an office with less than 10 people in it there were still two knitters. I find that ironic and amusing.

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