Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slow Knits

It's been a slow few months for me on the knitting front, there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of time to knit. I think my problem is I don't really have a good project corner. My stuff is a little scattered, definitely unorganized, and the house is too messy to make a dedicated knitting corner (which I would really like to do with the spare bedroom...).

Haven't finished any projects lately but am determined to finish two of them tomorrow--er, um, later today. Baby booties for new baby Clay, baby booties for July/August arrival baby Ceresa, and at least start on booties for September arrival baby Boettger. If I'm really productive, I'll even let myself start on some booties for November/December arrival baby Wachter.

Then again, maybe I should just finish baby Clay's booties and work on updating my stash and project photos instead. Argh, see?! There's always something to do INSTEAD of the knitting part of it. *sigh* Okay well, back to bed for me, I'm tired enough to sleep again. G'nite!

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