Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Experience with "Yarn Fumes"

I think I had my first experience with "yarn fumes" over the weekend. I was in my LYS, looking around, not planning to buy anything, so I checked out the pattern books and leaflettes. Rarely do I buy a pattern book because I wouldn't make or even like at least 75% of the stuff they contain. But this book was a lot of stuff that I DO like, and would LIKE to make!

So I picked up the book. $20 was do-able. Besides, it wasn't like I was buying yarn. So I set the book down on a table to flip through it again, admiring one particular pattern, and I thought...maybe I'd better look for the yarn it calls for, I might have something in a similar weight in my stash.

I think that's when I should have put the book down and RAN from the store...the yarn fumes were starting to make everything feel like a good idea. Oh yes, of course I'll pick up that ball, I don't have any cotton blends at home after all, maybe I'll just compare it to these other cotton blends... Nope, didn't find anything I like that's the right weight, I'll just put it back. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS OTHER COLORWAY!!!

Did you detect the moment where I should have recognized a full blown yarn fume high?

I purchased the book, and the yarn, exercised the tinsiest bit of restraint and did not buy a button to put on it when I finish. And then earlier this week I took a look at my credit card statement and wondered what the heck I was thinking.

The good news (for my knitterly soul, not so much for my wallet...) is that the book AND yarn were both on sale this month at 30% off. And my LYS doesn't give refunds, just store credit. Well now, I've already started knitting this bolero I'd planned during my fume high, and since I can only exchange there's no reason to feel guilty anymore about keeping the yarn... I'll get my bolero and wear it too!

I hope. With my extreme case of startitis, project ADD, and perfectionist trends who knows if I'll ever finish it. But it's such a lovely yarn, and I really could use the article of clothing I hope it turns out to be that I should make a more solid attempt to finish this one.

We'll see. I'll keep you updated. ;)

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  1. Heehee, too funny. You were doomed the moment you stepped into the store, admit it! ;D