Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Socks and Monkeys

Monkeys first.

My drive home from work today was awesome. Traffic was great, but even better than that, I had entertainment for several miles of it. I'm one of those weird drivers that will follow a slower larger vehicle at a nice distance just so they don't have an as$ tailgating them.

So I was following this school bus. No big deal, it's far past the hour of the day when there would actually be kids riding the bus home from school. But there WERE kids on this bus. How do I know this? Because even through the tinted bus windows I could see them waving at me. And they were determined to get me to wave back.

But I remained stoic. Oh okay, I did smile a bit, and I certainly laughed at them a few times, but I was just as determined not to wave, it was too fun watching them try to make me wave. I relented when it became obvious that they weren't taking the same exit I was taking, so I rolled down my window and waved as I rode by them on the ramp. They loved it. I laughed all the way home.

Onto the socks!

I'm re-working my "sea and sand" socks. Again. For the fourth time. But this time it might stick! I'm using a sock recipe from the May '08 issue of Creative Knitting, an issue my sister gave me. And with excellent timing, I started using that pattern within hours of the gifting. I am liking it very much.

Chief differences are:
  • DPN's instead of magic loop
  • cuff-to-toe instead of toe-up
  • size 2 instead of 0 needles
  • short cuff instead of calf-high (of course, that was just a concept on the toe-ups since I never even turned the heels!)

All of these things combined are making me very happy with this yarn again. That, and I tried it on last night for new pictures and wow... now I'm hooked, I must have a pair, and more pairs, I need many many more handknit socks!! =D

04202008_ribbed anklet #1 3-1rav

Okay, it's off to be healthy and run or something.

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