Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yarn Harlot Ho!

That is to say... onward towards the Yarn Harlot's speech and book signing! I'm sitting up at 10:15 wondering, what should I wear tomorrow? Sadly, the only things that I've knitted and are wearable at the moment are a "Jesse's Flames" sweater I made that ended up fitting me instead of my ex-boyfriend (not the best look for me) and one slipper sock that is waiting for its mate to be knit up. Maybe I'll just wear my work clothes and bring some small knitting projects.

Of course, with most of my clothes being freshly washed this weekend, the choices of store-bought clothing combinations is simply staggering. I own... well, a LOT of clothes. And somehow it's never enough. I'm thinking the brown and medium blue plaid pants with plain brown sweater and brown suede boots (with the really cool brown and cream wooly stripey socks that nobody will be able to see beneath the boots). Or maybe go with the indigo jeans, burnt orange collared tee and olive sweater over top with the brown suede boots... Or maybe go for total comfort and wear my dark grey fleecy lounge pants with a light grey tee and medium grey sweater along with a pair of crocs. OR perhaps I'll be SO freaking excited that I'll forget to change out of my work clothes before I leave and I'll end up going to Borders dressed in "business casual". Hmm.

And why am I so worried about what to wear anyway? I should be spending this nervous energy on preparing my knitting bag. In fact, I think I'll go do that now. Good night everybody!

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