Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Budding Yarn Snob

I blame it on the abundance of nice local yarn shops providing quality yarns at affordable prices. I think I'm becoming a yarn snob.

Maybe not a true blue yarn snob, but definitely a yarn snob. Lately I've been working with some really soft sirdar snuggly acrylic for little girls' sweaters, and fine superwash merino for a friend's helmet liner, and now I've started back on a sweater I started years ago for my brother... with some heather grey woolease. It feels... plasticy, and rough compared to the other yarns. And worse yet, the bright orange contrast color is cheap red heart acrylic that practically squeaks across my needles. I'm not sure I can put this project aside until I'm completely finished or I won't want to pick it back up again.

So that being said, I'm working on my brother's sweater again. I'm discovering that over the past year I've become much better about making notes on my projects, keeping a notebook, writing down alterations, etc. I wasn't so good at that when I started this sweater so I've been backtracking through the construction to figure out how I should make the back of the sweater match the front. Ugh.

I am so tempted to start another helmet liner, or neck warmer, or something other than this sweater.

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