Sunday, December 30, 2007

Loose Ends

I did it! I finished both sweaters in time to wrap them up properly and gift them for Christmas. =) *pats self on back*

The sizing turned out to be perfect for Cici (9mo old), just slightly too large, which means it will fit her all winter, yay. Not sure about the sizing for Riley (2yr old), she's a little small for her age, so I'm sure the sweater is big on her.

I also started, and finished, a helmet liner for my buddy Mike. FAST project, good result, also fits well. I'm happy enough with it to consider making more of them to ship off to operation helmet liner. After I pay off my credit cards that is... need to continue not buying yarn for a while.

So now I feel the same as I do after I've finished a good book, at loose ends. What do I knit next? Should I continue a long ignored project? Start something new? Not knit for a while? haha. That last one was funny.

I'm either going to pick up on my brother's sweater, or start on a neckwarmer.

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