Friday, December 21, 2007

Almost done the sweaters

Yes, it is the weekend before Christmas and I am almost done the second sweater. I started randomly weaving in ends since I forgot the pattern a couple of times while I was working on it away from home, and knitting up the collar.

I've been making a lot of mistakes at work lately (wandering mind I guess) and have been triple checking my work, and going back over things I've done in the past weeks. I guess I carried that over into my knitting on my lunch break because I went back through the pattern, colored the measurements I was working to (as I should have done at the beginning) and found out, oh dear! I made both sleeves 2" too long! Well, patting myself on the back for finding the mistake, and shaking my own hand for deciding that yes, I DO have to fix that before Christmas. A two-year-old's sleeves don't need to hang over her fingertips.

So at this point both sleeves are done, again, and I'm about halfway through the collar, shoulder seams joined. Must finish the collar, sew on sleeves, sew up side seams, and finish weaving in ends. Not so bad, definitely will finish by Christmas gifting time.

My next project I think will be the helmet liner. I wonder if I can finish it in a week's time? My buddy Mike is at home until January 2, I'd like to have him take it back with him. I guess I'll find out.

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