Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Saturday Shopping (shudder)

Silly me... or maybe it should be STUPID me... I completely forgot that today is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, and therefore, the worst time to go to any shopping center or mall.

Okay, actually, I didn't forget it's the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, what I forgot that THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF INSANE SHOPPERS OUT THERE THAT WILL RUN YOU OVER FOR A "DEAL"!!!

UGH! I hate crowds of stupid people. All I wanted to do was buy a couple of gift certificates without 1) being run over 2) running someone over and 3) strangling some slow-moving cell phone talking poopie head!

Temper tantrum completed. On to the knitting news.

I finished the front!!! Yes, I am now finished the back and front of Riley's sweater, and have started on one of the sleeves. That sleeve however, I'm not happy with it, I need some bright color in between the heather purple and the blue.

Mike's socks have stalled, I'm just not feeling the thousands of tiny stitches they're going to take. I also need to modify the pattern to match my stitch gauge, 10spi.

I feel like I should write more, but I'm not feeling really bloggy right now. Ciao.

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