Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mohair Mania

Last weekend I was gifted with some mohair yarn. I've never worked with mohair before so I was a little leary of trying anything. I tend to rip back on anything I'm working on several times... the prospect of not being able to rip back... *shudder*

But I braved it! I cast on with a wrap from called "wisp". I was shocked at how much warmth and wind-blockage even the fishnet portions of the knitting, barely anything between skin and outside air, actually provided. This stuff is warm...

I wasn't happy with wisp though, don't like the look of it enough to finish anything, and fishnet (YO k2tog) all the way across the width of the project is just too slow. I ripped back (HA!) and started a new wrap with a diagonal YO k2tog k1 across.

I'm not so crazy about the color of this mohair, only because it includes pink. I hate pink. I'm seriously considering visiting my LYS in Columbia to pick up some solid colored mohair to make something to keep for myself ;)

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