Sunday, April 12, 2009

Knitting Time

Guess how much I've knitted lately. Go on, guess! You'll never guess.

Zip, zero, nada. I have not knitted one stitch in the past week or two. Aww, sorry, I should have warned you to sit down, maybe surround yourself with pillows... you never know which direction you're going to go when you faint, best to be prepared.

Yeah, no knitting for me for at least a week. Not because I didn't have time, or didn't want to, but because I've been playing with my favorite-est hand-me-down ever: Eric's "old" iPod Touch 16GB. *squeeeeee!* I'm kind of glad I'm seeing family today (after I hit the gym with the other hard core Body Steppers out there, and my favorite instructor Sarah), it's rude to sit there playing on an electronic device with one earbud in, but knitting during conversation is perfectly acceptable. Or maybe they just expect it now and think it's weird when Jess and I don't knit. Either way, I'm going to be knitting today.

I think I'll bring my Jitterbug "velvet leaf" colorway "Leafy Hedgerows" socks to work on. I'd kind of like to wear them to MDS&W, but I have to finish them first. I'm done the first of the pair but only on the cuff of the second (cuff down). And it's what, three weeks away? Better get stitching.

Aww, Shelby just laid down on my lap.

And I need her to get up, just looked at the clock, time to get dressed and head to the gym.

Happy Easter everybody!

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