Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not for Beginners...

MAN! I am going to be one sore chica tomorrow.

My boyfriend and I are determined to get in shape again, and to that end we joined our local group of gyms. One of the benefits, besides the closest gym to the house being a 24/7 facility (woohoo!), are the group classes that are available at no extra charge. I tried getting into "Zumba" tonight but was too late (latin dancy aerobic like classs), it was full by the time I got there. So I stuck around for the Tae Bo class.

O. M. G.

I am SO out of shape, I didn't even last a whole 15 minutes of the hour long class. By minute 13 I was shaky, light headed, and done. I was so done. I felt bad for leaving early, but then again, I was just a dead weight hanging out in the back. Fortunately I was wrong, I thought I was attending the "beginner" class, but that was the regular class. Beginners are Saturdays at noon. I'll have to check that out instead. I am now determined to work my way up to the regular class.

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